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  • My name is William Kilfara. I was born in New York on September 10, 1975. My family and I moved to Georgia in 1979. On the surface, my family was what you might call privileged, living in a mansion in East Cobb near Atlanta. My brothers and I wanted for nothing, attending the Marist School in Atlanta and continuing on to college. But, looking beneath the surface, all was not well in “paradise”. My father was a raging alcoholic which ended several years later... Read More

  • My name is Faustino Gonzales, and I was born on February 11, 1973. I have a younger brother and sister with an older sister who passed away of cancer at age 6. Growing up was difficult as I saw and heard a lot for my age. I tasted beer first with my father at age 8. My father was a good man until he would start drinking, then he would hit my mother and us kids. We would hide for a few days at motels. My brother and sister had fun at the pools, and I was... Read More

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